Unifying Docker Container and VM networking

Introduction Most environments are not homogeneous, typically you have multiple types of workloads and I believe this will only increase in the near future with the rise of containers, PaaS, VM’s, bare metal,… In this brief overview I wanted to demonstrate how you can connect Virtual Machines and Containers on the same overlay network in… More Unifying Docker Container and VM networking

Nuage Networks Service Insertion demos

During the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, Nuage Networks announced 5 new partnerships (Fortinet, vArmour, Citrix, Guardicore, CounterTack). To give a quick overview of what these new (and some previous) partnerships represent from a technical point of view some demo movies were made available on YouTube. Nuage Networks VSP and Citrix NetScaler VPX Demo In a Red Hat… More Nuage Networks Service Insertion demos

Networking Field Day 10 – Nuage Networks

Introduction Networking Field Day 10 was held from August 19 till 21 2015, in Silicon Valley, NFD is part of the Tech Field Day series of events organized by Stephen Foskett and team, and aims to bring together independent bloggers and IT product vendors to share information and opinions in a presentation format. In this setting… More Networking Field Day 10 – Nuage Networks

Introduction to Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DCOS

A little history… Mesos started as a research project at UC Berkeley in early 2009 by Benjamin Hindman, Andy Konwinski, Matei Zaharia, Ali Ghodsi, Anthony D. Joseph, Randy Katz, Scott Shenker, and Ion Stoica. Benjamin then brought Mesos to Twitter where it now runs their datacenters, and later became Chief Architect at Mesosphere which builds… More Introduction to Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DCOS

VMware AppCatalyst, Bonneville, and Photon.

VMware has lot’s and lot’s of customers, running lot’s and lot’s of workloads, both dev and test workloads and production workloads, you know like, super duper important stuff that cannot, under any circumstance break. As the whole DevOps “movement” makes clear both developers and operations teams have different requirements and different responsibilities. Developers want speed,… More VMware AppCatalyst, Bonneville, and Photon.

VMware NSX and Palo Alto NGFW

VMware NSX is a platform for network and security virtualization, and as such it has the capability to integrate onto it’s platform certain functionalities that are not delivered by VMware itself. One such integration point is with Palo Alto Networks’s Next-Generation Firewall. VMware NSX has built-in L2-4 stateful firewall capabilities both in the distributed firewall… More VMware NSX and Palo Alto NGFW

Burn the heretic!

Talking about new ways to “fix” old problems or enabling functionalities that weren’t even possible before by introducing something that goes against established doctrine, can be an interesting experience. The flip-side of the coin is that a lot of “new ways” are greatly oversold, of course a certain technology or product can’t fix ALL your problems, keep asking the… More Burn the heretic!