Name a famous Belgian

As a Belgian working for an American multinational company I often, mockingly, get asked to name 10 famous Belgians, and I must admit us Belgians are not that good at self promotion it seems (to busy making beer, chocolate, waffles and “french fries”).

When thinking about the Internet, and more specifically the World Wide Web, the Internet’s first killer application if you will, no Belgians spring to mind either.

I give you Robert Cailliau, who together with the more well known Tim Berners-Lee made WWW a reality.

Another key application that relies on the Internet to make it real is Software as a Service (SaaS), now for SaaS applications to work the end users communication needs to travel the path between your location and the SaaS provider, this path is the Internet.
So how does the Internet make sure you get fast access to the server where your SaaS application is running?

The Internet relies on a routing protocol (BGP) to get your request to the SaaS provider, BGP is used between ISP’s as an interconnect to somewhat reliably connect all these separate (the routing protocol used in within the ISP is autonomous, i.e. this does not need to be BGP) networks together so your packet gets where it needs to be.

Another well kept secret, like Robert Caillau, is that the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) was not really designed to give you the fastest route between all these autonomous systems, how could it since the Internet belongs to no one and everyone (‘s request) should be treated equally (feel free to mentally picture a Guy Fawkes mask here).

This is why, in order to provide a more predictable performance across the Internet, you need a solution like Steelhead Cloud Accelerator to:

  • A: Give you the fastest path across the Internet (using Akamai SureRoute)
  • B: Minimize the application and data overhead (using Steelhead transport, application, and data streamlining)

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