You cannot replace shadow IT with raw vegetables

You cannot replace shadow IT with raw vegetables

A motivated employee will find a way to get the job done, hence the rise of Shadow IT, solutions unsanctioned by the IT department that solve a specific itch, quickly and easily.

In the case of content sharing solutions you run into solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, and a bunch of others. It is often times a quick and sweet solutions to a nagging problem, and people love it because it is “consumer grade” easy (“it just works”).


If the IT department cracks down on these with a corporately sanctioned solution with less capabilities (i.e. no off-site sharing etc.) and requiring more effort to operate (i.e. “it doesn’t just work”) then you are bound to fail.


So since your employees don’t always understand why these types of setups aren’t best suited to your environment, maybe you have security concerns etc., you can try to educate them (that has worked really well in the past with things like complex passwords etc. hasn’t it?!) or you can provide your own solution that fulfils your corporate requirements and still is intuitive to operate.


I’ll dig into the technology behind Airwatch’ secure content locker in a more serious post later, for now you can check out the details here.

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